Gas Metering Station at the Greek/Turkish borders


Customer: JV AKTOR SA - INSTROMET, Metering Gas station at the Greek/Turkish borders
Year: 2008
Place: Greece
End User: Public Gas Corporatiion of Greece(DEPA SA)
Title: Detailed engineering procurement installation and putting in operation of a metering station at the Greek/Turkish Borders
Description: Electrical & instrumentation works
Scope of work:
  • Electrical Works
    • 1. MV Substations installation
    • 2. Electrical cables ways procurement and installation
    • Electrical cables (MV,LV and control), procurement, installation, termination and joint
    • 3. Grounding system procurement and installation
    • Lighting system installation
  • Instrumentation works
    • 1. Cable ways procurement and installation
    • 2. Instrumentation cables procurement, installation and termination
    • 3. Junction boxes and local control panels installation
    • 4. Field instruments calibration and installation
    • 5. Loop Checks
  • Pre-commissiong Activities and commissioning assistance